CFP: Finance & Migration

Conference EABH in cooperation with National Bank of Greece 11 June 2020National Bank of Greece82 & 93 Eolou Street10551 Athens, Greece This conference will look at the relationship between the financial sector and migration - taking a comparative historical view. It’s impossible to look at human history without acknowledging continuous migratory flows and mass movements... Continue Reading →

Conference: Money as a Democratic Medium 2.0

A bit more than a year ago, many of us gathered at the Conference on Money as a Democratic Medium.  We aimed at a territory that is critical to political communities:  the design of money and credit, understood as collective projects that configure much of material life and political power, along with economic norms, social... Continue Reading → is live!

The website aims to provide a platform for exploration of money and credit as matters of design.  We approach them and their larger architecture as legal institutions that are crucial dimensions of governance in modern will serve a number of functions, including a feed of scholarship posts (abstracts and links to recent publications and working papers); roundtables (invited exchanges... Continue Reading →

CFP: Special Issue on “Long-run financial stability and moments of crisis in Iberoamerica” – ODEON

The literature on long-run financial stability has focused majorly on developed financial markets because of the abundance of data. As an example, the Macrohistory database which is a reference in this strand of literature is restricted to 17 developed economies and does not include any Latin American country. On occasion, authors like Bordo or Eichengreen... Continue Reading →

CFP: New Perspectives on Interwar Financial and Banking Crises

Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 June 2020 Paris School of Economics 48 Boulevard Jourdan, Paris, France Submission Deadline: Monday 16 December 2019 URL: The recent global financial crisis has sparked renewed interest in the interwar financial and banking crises, particularly those associated with the Great Depression of the 1930s. This new wave of research has... Continue Reading →

The blog history of finance network: Putting financial history research on the map

This blog is written by Floris van Berckel Smit 6 June 2019 Last month saw the workshop ‘Speculating on Financial Heritage’ at the University of Hertfordshire – an event bringing together historians, economists, philosophers, and other researchers working in various fields related to the history of finance. Four sessions of informal discussion offered various interesting... Continue Reading →

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